Junior Davis
Ryan Sypek

Full Name:

Kenneth Walter Davis Jr.


Kris Furillo (Wife)
Laura Nichols (ex-fiancée)
Gilian Partson (ex-girlfriend)
Rebekah (ex-girlfriend)


Dani Davis (Half-Sister)
Kris Furillo (Wife)
Ken Davis Senior (Father)
Jesse Furillo (Brother-in-law)
Isabelle Martia (biological mother)


Dani Davis
Kris Furillo
Matt Ritter (Best Friend)

Kenneth Walter Davis Jr. More known as Junior Davis is the son of Ken Davis Sr., the half-brother of Dani Davis, the husband of Kris Furillo and one of the three best friend of Matt Ritter.                                                  

 Junior and Kris start seeing each other in season one. 

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