Kris Furillo
Kris Furillo8

Full Name:

Kristine Furillo-Davis


Junior Davis (Husband)
Matt Ritter (Ex-Boyfriend)
Kerry Connelly (Ex-Boyfriend)


Junior Davis (Husband)
Dani Davis (Sister-in-law)
Ken Davis Senior (Father-in-law)
Jace Furillo (Half-Brother)

Best Friends:

Junior Davis
Dani Davis
Matt Ritter

Kristine "Kris" Furillo A jockey who formerly served time at Camp LaGrange, a correctional facility, for grand theft auto. She shares a special bond with Wildfire, a horse she saved from going to slaughter and helped turn into a champion racehorse. In series 2, she was involved with her agent, Kerry Connelly, until he slept with his ex-girlfriend Gillian. Kris spent most of the show in an on-and-off relationship with Junior Davis, until she pursued a brief but passionate fling with Matt Ritter in season 3. She then proceeded to marry Junior in the series finale.