Matt Ritter

Full name:

Matthew Ritter


Kris Furillo (Ex-girlfriend)
Gilian Parsons (ex-girlfriend)
Dani Davis (Girlfriend)


Todd Ritter (Brother)
Henry Ritter (Grandfather)
Jean Ritter (Mother)
Pete Ritter (Father)

Best Friends:

Kris Furillo
Junior Davis (Best friend)
Dani Davis

Matthew 'Matt' Ritter The son of Jean and Pete Ritter and the older brother of Todd Ritter. In season three he becomes the co-owner of Raintree Farm along with his mother, inheriting his half of the farm's ownership when his grandfather (Jean's father), Henry Ritter, died. Early on, Matt wanted nothing to do with the "family business" of horses and racing, but came to discover he had a talent for training and conditioning Thoroughbreds and eventually took over as Raintree's head trainer.

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